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Binary 500 11/29/2013

Balance $702.30 1 Trade 1 Winner If you would like more information. Here is a link to where we are trading these

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Binary 500 11/27/2013

Balance 614.90 1 Trade 1 Win

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Binary 500 11/26/2013

Balance 544.00 1 Trade 1 Loss I messed up the exit. That last 15 minutes was a crazy down move. I had a ticket loaded, clicked to sell when the price was at 59 and it blew by my 55 order. … Continue reading

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Binary 500 11/25/2013

New Balance 642.80  Trades 3 Wins 3  

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Support Holds

1773 area held. Price did exactly what I talked about last week. Mon-Wed down into old resistance which now has proved to be Support. I did not pick up any swing trades this week. Had a few that signaled but … Continue reading

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Binary 500 11/22/2013

Balance $594.10  2 Trades 2 Wins

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The Binary 500 11/21/2013

Starting Balance; $500.00….Ending Balance $541.50 I am going to do something fun with this. I will share the binary trades I worked throughout the day at the close of each day. I want to illustrate how we can take a … Continue reading

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