Today 02/24/2017

Got into IWM at the close yesterday and it looks like I will have it down to a runner already this morning. XLU runner is going very well. XLE looks like I may eventually stop out at 70.58. Binary trades yesterday were both losses. Other than that I would have had winners on the 2m, 5m and 9:20.

Todays Trading 02/22/2017

First trade was a loss on a binary 13.50 cost to make 100.00. It was very close to winning. Scaled half of my XLU trade so down to a runner (swing trade). XLE is taking some heat Long a few days back. 8:20MT entered another 15.00 binary and won making 100.00. No signal so far on my 2 minute chart trade. Waiting for 9:00am for the 1 hour binary trade with the 5 minute chart. I will pay no more than 63.00 to make 100.00.