Resistance Close at Hand

I am not comfortable with the low volume. All of the majors SPY, DIA, QQQ & IWM are at resistance. The SPY and the DIA moved above one line of resistance and are facing another line pretty close to where they are. The QQQ and IWM are right a their diagonal resistance. With the low volume I am going to stay on the sidelines. I am looking into starting with I feel they will match the style I am trying to adopt. We shall see.

Santa Clause Rally or Groundhog Week

The big question this week, will the Santa Clause Rally happen? If we get a rally it is like a predictor of the years outcome. In 2008 the Santa Clause Rally did not happen. The markets went down 7+ % during the week after Christmas. After this the markets tanked. I am on the sidelines watching this week. I had a few set ups but the risk was too high for my taste.

Santa Clause Rally or NOT???

Here is the set up for the Santa Clause rally on the market. We are bumping our head at the 126.00 level this morning. I do not think we will break it today. If we do then the Santa Clause rally is in play. I really think it will make the move either down off of this resistance or up from this support. So I just gave an analysis where I am right both ways. Here is the deal though….this is resistance. This dictates what we will do next. I see the job of the trader as finding these pivot points and trading with the momentum. Now I feel it is going to go down Tuesday which is the highest probability. History though brings to light the famous Santa Clause Rally. Let’s see if history holds.

SPY 126

I am pretty confidant the SPY is going to the 126 level by Friday. It is up in pre-market to 124.67 currently. The 126.00 level is where diagonal resistance is holding. If the Santa Clause rally s going to play out we will need the 126.00 level to fail. DIA and QQQ are in basically the same boat. The DIA resistance is horizontal instead of diagonal. The IWM will break the resistance this morning. It will have to deal with the next 2 levels of resistance which are 75.34 and then 77.20.

Broke the Support DIA & QQQ, SPY and IWM Holding

The Q’s barely broke the 50% support level today which was around 54.50. The Diamonds broke the 23.6% 117.70. SPY and IWM are holding support at the 38.2% fibs. The SPY is approaching the diagonal support line. So I expect when it gets to 119.70 level it will pause. What it does next will either move to the 126.00 level if it bounces or drop to 117.50 level if it breaks the diagonal support. Either of these scenarios has us in a bear market. I need to study more how the bonds that Bernanky is releasing Wednesday will impact the markets. Their seems to be some chatter about it among bloggers.

Weekly Snap Shot

I am of the opinion that the market is going to go down before it goes up. Fibonacci is supporting each of the major indices SPY 38.2% 121.00, DIA 23.6% 117.70 , QQQ 50% 54.50 and the IWM is between the 38.2% 70.75 and the 23.6% 73.21. SPY, QQQ and IWM are in a downward trend. The DIA is neutral due to a lower low and a higher high. This week is going to be interesting. I am going to continue to watch the EUR/USD. I cannot see how the Euro is going to survive. This should rally the dollar and drive the market down. Gold is in a bear trade with all of the metals. Most of the blogs I am reading are talking about the Santa Clause rally. I feel this is just a bunch of non sense. Let’s see what happens.