Hello my name is Stacey I have been trading the market for over twenty years. I started by reading, discussing and studying technical analysis. In 2005 I began to learn from the coaches at Investools. In April 2012 I decided to make it a full time pursuit. I  currently follow a few traders John Person personplanet.com, Preston James tradersedgenetwork.com and Maggie Roth maggiemastermindproject.com . I am on a quest to understand the nuances of the market to fund my God given Mission.

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  1. Recently I have read books by John Person’s Candlestick and Pivot Point Trading triggers, Mark Douglas the Disciplined Trader and Frank Ochoa Secrets of a Pivot Boss. I have to thank Tom “Dutch” Holland of http://www.masterswingtraders.com/ for all of the great advice. This is accelerating my trading in some pretty amazing ways.

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