What a day. 1 win $NQ and $ES 1 loss with the #Binaries

Did two spreads on the $NQ which are like trading a straddle. $NQ Bought the 2710-2810 for 11.00 and Sold the 2610-2710 for 8.00 cost. This put the entire trade at 19.00 per contract entry. I sold it early today due to just being in the live testing phase. Made 42% on the trade….not bad. Here is the bad trade. We got into the confluence area this morning and got the signal. Sold the $ES <1505 at 48 and bought it back at 74.50. this was a 50% loss. So down a little on the day. Not bad considering the market screamed to the top side making new highs on the $YM.