Lost a little $3,279.80 +1.5%

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We have Coronavirus scare coming on this week. Oil is tanking and the Fed is creating more dollars. Bearish, Bearish and Bullish. I was short at the start of the week. Tuesday I received a signal to get out of the short position. Then today Friday I saw the market moving down with lots of weakness. I went ahead and placed a surfer trade short and was able to scale half before the end of the day.

Early today 10:30 our time

Buy 2 Feb 21 323 Put 4.77                                  Scale half 5.67

Buy 2 Feb 21 332 Call 1.10                                  Scale half .90

Sell 2 Feb 21 323 Call 5.48                                  Scale half 4.85


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  1. I just had dinner with Jim W. He helped me see that this is more complicated than it needs to be. In the future I am more than likely going to just buy a 70 delta call or put depending on what the chart calls for. Thanks Jim.

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