Pays to be a Bear

ES02032014The Bears are dancin’. I felt that if we broke the 1812.50 area that we would trade for a while in the 1774-1812.50 area. Market traded down to 1774 for a bit held there for a few days and today the bottom fell out. I still am thinking this is just a correction. Look for the 35 to hold. If we can not muster a bounce here then we will see 25 area and very likely we see 1705 which happens to be the monthly S2. I still do not have a longer term short signal for the S&P. The Dow is another story I got a short signal on it last week. I am doing well with this market. Started picking up a few shorts 2 weeks ago. All of these positions are risk free trades. I am long GLD with full risk and did place a trade for MSFT long today. Taking a little heat on MSFT but it should be ok. Gold has broken a downtrend line and is seeing volume come in. I also entered a long position on KRED. This is a position trade meaning I like the story. Nothing to do with the chart. I entered it at .75. Hope this helps…Happy Trading!!!!

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