New Year Opportunity Knocks


ES is more than likely going to pull back. It started Friday. The traders that were forced to work over the holidays drove it up on very light volume. Now the pull back is on. look for the turn around the 2000 mark.

TF pulled back Friday however it found some support just outside last weeks price action. Developing a new swing until it closes below the high candles low which is this weeks candle. I do not trade the TF but it can give a clue as to what will happen to the ES.

CL Down down down. May find support at the 50ish area. Looks to me like this is no going to hold making the next stop at the 31-33 area. Shorts are enjoying this ride.

GC is trying to leak out to the 1100 area. If this area holds look for it to move to 1340 then to 1390.