Getting Caught Up


/ES S&P 500

Trying to find support at the 1800 area. I am pretty confident they are going to test this area again. It will then go to 1940 if it holds. I was short the DIA the first of December and made a really nice trade to the area it is trading now. I also shorted the DIA on 2/02/2016 which I am out of the second half now. Still short half on the IWM. I sure hope this area does not hold.


If you are Canadian you hope this 1.37 area breaks down. We shall see. I think it will give to the next level of 1.35.

/CL Oil

Next level is 23.22. I am pretty sure it will hold and go into a range 32.50 to 23.22. It is making a nice structured move down.

/GC Gold

Pretty nice move. Should see a stall at 1235ish. See if it goes to 1235 and pulls back to 1190 area. Like to see it do that then make a strong run at the 1235 area. I received signals on the GLD and GDX but work got in the way. Missed it. Ugh!!

1 thought on “Getting Caught Up

  1. Rather than change the post everything is the same. Gold is now testing what was resistance. 1236.70 is the area. May hold here for a bit. Pushed above it pretty strong this Thursday then pulled back to it today. See how it goes.

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