Finding Resistance


/ES S&P 500

This area may give it up eventually. I am seeing this as an area for a pull back. I am still out of this for the long term. My daily charts said to go long which I would still be if I had stayed with the chart. Still long the XLU. Looks like it is running out of gas for the up move. I hope it has a small pull back and then goes again. We shall see.


Pretty typical move below the resistance. Look for a retest.

/CL Oil

This is not a happy chart. It hit resistance and Iran snubs the big dogs. See what happens when it hits the 34 area. I say it is going to get real tight.

/GC Gold

Gold is looking to find resistance. Let’s see if the last high will be the swing high. Watch as it pulls back into one of the fib levels.