XLF $3,853.21 +20.55%

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 8.11.15 PM

Trading got really crazy this week. The XLF which went down really hard as did the entire market made things really fun. I mentioned last Friday that things were going to get real interesting and I did get short the XLF. WHAT A WEEK!! I scaled half of the trade on Monday and a quarter Thursday. I then took another contract this morning leaving me with one contract. The rules at this point are to use skill to manage the last of the position. When I see a LONG SIGNAL (Close above the high of the Low) on the daily I will exit the current position. Looking forward things are going to stay wacky. The buying that came in at the end of today was pretty strong. I will be watching the $28.04 which is the 38.2% fib level and will more than likely be out of the trade I am in now. When I see a  daily SHORT SIGNAL (Close Below the Low of the High) I will enter short again. Stay Tuned this is so much fun.

Up up and Away

This is quite a push. Maybe now that QE mini is back we will see this continue. Remember to trade what you see. What I see is that we have new highs with on balance volume well above the average. Price up OBV up means strong positive delta trading. I will explain what this means soon in a video.

Today 03/01/2017

Last Friday I scaled and stopped out of IWM for a win. XLU runner is doing very well trailing stop in place. XLE tested support and is making another push. Still no scale. Binary trades yesterday were 3 $15.00 losses and no 2 minute or 5 minute trades. I was not able to do much Friday due to my job. i was really close to getting a signal to sell SPY yesterday and I am glad the signal did not come through. The /ES is up 25.75 at this time.

Today 02/24/2017

Got into IWM at the close yesterday and it looks like I will have it down to a runner already this morning. XLU runner is going very well. XLE looks like I may eventually stop out at 70.58. Binary trades yesterday were both losses. Other than that I would have had winners on the 2m, 5m and 9:20.

Todays Trading 02/22/2017

First trade was a loss on a binary 13.50 cost to make 100.00. It was very close to winning. Scaled half of my XLU trade so down to a runner (swing trade). XLE is taking some heat Long a few days back. 8:20MT entered another 15.00 binary and won making 100.00. No signal so far on my 2 minute chart trade. Waiting for 9:00am for the 1 hour binary trade with the 5 minute chart. I will pay no more than 63.00 to make 100.00.