Higher and Higher it goes…..

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 8.37.19 AM

This is a pretty nice move. OBV is up, MA,s up, price is well above the high Keltner. We have been working on an indicator that we are liking a lot. I think we will share it at our next meetup Albuquerque Market Traders. Maybe we will see you there. Interested what you think of the arrows and dots on the chart. More to come.

TSLA Hmmmm

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 7.01.17 AM


Tesla had a really nice move at earnings. Nice move up after then down we go. On Balance Volume is saying that sellers are in control. IBD Accumulation/Distribution is at D-. So now where to??? 296 will be tested next week and then I feel it will go to the next level of 277. Gun to my head trade would now would be buy a long put with at least 20 days to expire until it gets to support.

Back in the Saddle (Web Site anyway)

I met with a group of traders last night. We had a wonderful conversation. The best thing was talking about John Carters TTM Squeeze . One of the gentleman in the group is very proficient using this tool. I am going to revisit this after I get through this quarter. I am testing an earnings trade using on demand and paper that is taking every extra minute I have. The good news I am seeing some very promising results. We also talked about having a chat or blog for this particular group. I just say it is really awesome to have traders to share with.

Been A While

Well it has been a while. Binaries are working vey well. They are a little time consuming. I just started a new system that I hope to share some really great results. thanks to my friend Jay for recommending. Diagonal Calendars. Stay tuned…..

03/7/2017 Trades

Traded 2 of the 20 minute binary trades 15.00 per with a loss. Traded another strategy off of the 2 minute chart for a win 57 cost and a 43.00 profit minus fees. No 5 minute chart trades today. XLE has still not stopped out. XLU is down to a runner still, seems to of found a sideways channel to take a break in. I am just below it with a stop.

Today 03/01/2017

Last Friday I scaled and stopped out of IWM for a win. XLU runner is doing very well trailing stop in place. XLE tested support and is making another push. Still no scale. Binary trades yesterday were 3 $15.00 losses and no 2 minute or 5 minute trades. I was not able to do much Friday due to my job. i was really close to getting a signal to sell SPY yesterday and I am glad the signal did not come through. The /ES is up 25.75 at this time.

Todays Trading 02/22/2017

First trade was a loss on a binary 13.50 cost to make 100.00. It was very close to winning. Scaled half of my XLU trade so down to a runner (swing trade). XLE is taking some heat Long a few days back. 8:20MT entered another 15.00 binary and won making 100.00. No signal so far on my 2 minute chart trade. Waiting for 9:00am for the 1 hour binary trade with the 5 minute chart. I will pay no more than 63.00 to make 100.00.